12 Days of MAGFest: Eight Bit Disaster

Happy MAGFest, geeks! We’re so stoked about this year’s Music and Gaming Festival and to get you hype, we’re going to feature some of the can’t-miss musicians, artists and guests for the next two weeks. If there’s anyone you think needs to be featured (including yourself, don’t be shy!) drop me a line in the comments or on Twitter.
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8 Bit Tarantino

Several talented musicians have turned a few or Tarantinos best soundtrack choices into 8 bit covers, we’ve rounded up a few for your enjoyment! NutBonkers took on Misurlou, Aid999 covered the Kill Bill Theme (Battle Without Honor or Humanity),  xNerd96 did Little Green Bag from the Reservoir Dogs OST, and Mr Pixel Music reimagined Stuck In The Middle With You, also from Reservoir Dogs OST. Continue reading 8 Bit Tarantino

Mega Ran at MAGfest

MAGfest will be welcoming back everyone’s favorite Philly-born rap hero, Mega Ran! Raheem Jarbo, aka Mega Ran, is a world-renowned nerdcore rapper, combining hip-hop, chiptune, and video game music into arguably the coolest rap genre out there. He will be joined onstage by special guest performers and frequent collaborators: K-Murdock, SkyBlew, D&D Sluggers, Sammus, KadeshFlow, 1-Up, and more! Continue reading Mega Ran at MAGfest

Philly gets a touch of the Force

If you live or commute near the intersection of Fifth and Cecil B. Moore in downtown Philadelphia you might have noticed a new mural brightening up the streets!
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