Band Saga: 16-bit-Inspired Music-Generated Roguelike on Kickstarter

Band SagaRichmond, Virginia – September 15, 2014 – Get ready for Band Saga, an intergalactic adventure of epic proportions that has just taken to Kickstarter for funding. This 16-bit-inspired music-generated Roguelike will allow players to interact with the game world in a unique way: by using an in-game FM sequencer to create tunes that will influence everything from the level design and enemies encountered to the game difficulty and colors displayed. With an incredible soundtrack by developer Roger “Rekcahdam” Hicks and an extended cast of guest musicians that includes Disasterpeace (of Fez), Grant “Stemage” Henry (of Metroid Metal), and Laura Shigihara (of Plants Vs. Zombies) among others, and melodies and sounds that are synthesized in real time as you play, music plays a huge role in Band Saga. Check out the Band Saga Kickstarter Campaign

The Band Saga soundtrack, composed by Roger “Rekcahdam” Hicks and friends, lays the foundation for the gameplay experience, although players are encouraged to modify the existing soundtrack or compose their own tunes using the game’s Sega Genesis-inspired FM sequencer to create all new twists within the Band Saga universe. A full list of contributing musicians is as follows:

Aivi Tran (Cryamore)
Bright Primate
Chelsea Davis
Danimal Cannon
Disasterpeace (Fez, The Floor is Jelly, Runner2)
Jeff Ball (Globulous, Tiny Barbarian, Timespinner)
Laura Shigihara (Plants Vs. Zombies)
Martina Chevalier
Mega Ran
Misfit Chris
Stemage (of Metroid Metal)

Check out the catchy Band Saga LP in its entirety on Bandcamp. Support the project on Kickstarter.

Monday Mixes 4 ( _ensnare_ )

This weeks’ Monday Mixes are from _ensnare_, the chiptune producer and game developer from Britain, he also runs the chiptune netlabel Chiptune Rush.

First, a new mix sampler of his 2014 live shows

Next, an album mix from last year’s album Tech Switch

Last, a full album stream of his recent release with Inspector Vector, Defend Your Ramp

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Grimecraft and Maxo - One For Kapp'n - Animal Crossing Remix

One for Kapp’n – Grimecraft and Maxo remix Animal Crossing

If you’re a fan of Animal Crossing, you’re in for a treat! Grimecraft and Maxo just released a new single on GameChops, the perfect end of summer tribute to everyone’s favorite seafaring NPC, the Kapp’n. Stream below and download on Loudr.

Monday Mixes 3 ( Radlib + Maxo)

A short but special mix this Monday, a pure-chiptune mixtape from Radlib (also known as OxygenStar, among many other aliases). These are some pure .mod files played off two Compaq laptops running Impulse Tracker into a Vestax PMC-37PRO mixer. Long live lo-fi!

01. ADT of Absolute – Scotty
02. Cerror – Atari Close Call 3
03. Daverd – Laid Back in Cairo
04. NAGZ – Slow Motion Breathing
05. lizardking – Art of Chrome
06. Loonie – back2k
07. Jereon Tel – Wave
08. Wire – Prehistoric Tale
09. Vhiiula/Analogik – The Adjectives
10. Sinny – Sky Sunday
11. Norfair – Falling Flakes
12. Decibelter – Where’s Space?


UPDATEMaxx Plus just posted this new mix from Maxo, so I decided to update this post!

0:00 – Seashore – Kazumi Totaka – Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins
1:06 – System Configuration – Masanao Akahori – Final Stretch
2:14 – Muteki 22 Gou – Hitoshi Sakimoto – Hourai Gakuen no Bouken!
3:24 – Credits – Daisuke Shiiba – Excitebike: World Rally
5:35 – Flipper Tipper (Hard) – Hirofumi Taniguchi – Snowpack Park
7:00 – Promoted Attack – Motoaki Takenouchi – Shining Force II
7:30 – Change of Ends – Hayato Matsuo – Let’s Smash
7:35 – Midna’s Desperate Hour – Koji Kondo – LoZ: Twilight Princess (Maxo Flip)
9:29 – Half Time – Koji Nakagawa – J-League Soccer Prime Goal 2
9:45 – Mode Select – Koji Nakagawa – J-League Soccer Prime Goal 2
10:16 – Good Fighter – Yuki Iwai, Hideki Okugawa – Street Fighter III New Generation
12:16 – From Birth – Hudson Sound Team (unspecified) – Sonic Shuffle
13:16 – Open Space – Hudson Sound Team (unspecified) – Sonic Shuffle
14:06 – Lightning & Psychic Club – Ichiro Shimakura – Pokémon Card GB
15:24 – Stage 5-3 – Konami Sound Team (unspecified) – Rocket Knight Adventures
16:44 – Lake Side – Shinobu Amayake – Stunt Race FX
18:10 – Select – Naofumi Hataya – Virtua Racing Deluxe
18:52 – Records – Naufumi Hataya – Virtua Racing Deluxe
19:26 – Under Construction (Angry) – Naofumi Hataya – NiGHTS Into Dreams
21:08 – Megalopolis – Soyo Oka – SimCity
22:40 – Flickering (DS Version) – Daisuke Shiiba – MaBoShi’s Arcade
24:12 – The End? – Konami Sound Team (unspecified) – Ganbare Goemon 2 (Maxo Reharm)

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