Monday Mixes

There have been some great mixes floating around the past week, here’s some few I thought were exceptional.

Reid Speed | Hospital Records

Macross 82-99 | AMDISCS

ABSRDST | Shifty Rhythms

Find any sweet mixes? Post them in the comments.

Dj CUTMAN Shovel Knight Remix YouTube Video

Dj CUTMAN Remixes Shovel Knight

UPDATE: Dj CUTMAN’s Shovel Knight Remix is now available for download on Bandcamp.

Dj CUTMAN here, and I love Shovel Knight! This track just dropped on the GameChops youtube channel. It’s a futuristic trap and drum and bass track that Kevin Villecco and I made out of the Shovel Knight OST. This track started at TooManyGames in the convention hotel room as a simple beat. As I played Shovel Knight, I got more and more amped for this remix, and it grew to epic proportions!”

Check out the remix below, and download here.



- – REMIX CREDIT – - -
Produced and mixed by Dj CUTMAN
Additional production by Kevin Villecco
“Strike The Earth” originally composed by Jake “virt” Kaufman for the Shovel Knight Original Sound Track


Shovel Knight gameplay footage footage from Swimming Bird

Additional assets provided by the Shovel Knight press kit

“Dj CUT KNIGHT” Pixel Artwork by Squarepainter




Porter Robinson’s Essential Mix features tracks by Anamanaguchi, George and Jonathan, Infinity Shred

It’s time to dust off your gameboys and flash your carts, Porter Robinson just debuted his 2014 Essential Mix on BBC Radio 1 and featured tracks by chiptune artists like Anamanaguchi, George and Jonathan, and Infinity Shred. The mix opens with a track from The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask OST.

Chiptune music can be heard in both electronic and mainstream music for decades, but only now are we seeing the names of chiptune acts being featured in sets by world-renown djs like Porter. Thanks for the plays, brother!

Hear the mix from BBC’s website.
Mirror: Mixcloud

Outrax Cover

OutRax – Summer Driving Music inspired by Sega’s OutRun

Outrax-500x500GameChops brings us the ultimate summer driving music,  OutRax. Created by RobKTA, the italian house producer behind Club Needlemouse,  the video game remix album delivers the four classic songs from the original Out Run game, with two tracks from the rare sequels OutRunners and Turbo OutRun.

OutRax features tracks by RobKTA, Dj CUTMAN, James Landino, Kevin Villecco, Pixel8ter and halc. It is an album made for the summer; a mix of tunes that are perfect to drive to. OutRax is now available from Loudr and iTunes.

Download OutRax on Loudr and iTunes
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A personal note from Dj CUTMAN:

A blog covering video game remixes, original chiptune music, and the world between, edited by Dj CUTMAN.

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