Spindash: A Super Sonic Remix Album from GameChops

Game music record label GameChops has just released Spindash, a Sega-licensed tribute album to the music of Sonic the Hedgehog. Produced by Dj CUTMAN, Spindash features 16 video game remixers spanning diverse styles of dance music, from drum ’n bass to dubstep to trance.

Spindash YouTube Playlist, will be updated with new videos

Spindash is a modern reimagination of Sonic the Hedgehog’s most beloved music. Old school fans will recognize themes from Genesis-era favorites like Chemical Plant and Ice Cap Zone. The album also features music from more recent Sonic games, including Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Colors.

Dj CUTMAN has curated talent from across North America and Europe for Spindash. GameChops is known for professionally mastered albums that upgrade classic game music into an entirely new experience.

The album is available for $10 from Loudr.fm, and individual tracks can be purchased from iTunes, Amazon and Google Play. For more information visit GameChops.com/spindash


Spinadsh Tracklist
01 – Coda – PLS GO FAST (HydroSanic Mix)
[ Sonic 3: Hydrocity Zone ]
02 – PrototypeRaptor – Chemixtrixx (VIP Mix)
[ Sonic 2: Chemical Plant Zone ]
03 – bLiNd – Hypnoscrap
[ Sonic the Hedgehog: Scrap Brain Zone ]
04 – Flexstyle – AntiFreeze
[ Sonic 3: Ice Cap Zone & Chemical Plant Zone ]
05 – Phonetic Hero – Prow’d
[ Sonic 2: Aquatic Ruin Zone & Ice Cap Zone ]
06 – Dj CUTMAN – Arabian Skies
[ Sonic the Hedgehog: Star Light Zone ]
07 – Joshua Morse – Stardust
[ Sonic CD: Stardust Speedway ]
08 – RobKTA – Summer Knocking
[ Knuckles Chaotix: Door Into Summer ]
09 – Ben Briggs – Amy’s Toxic Cave (VIP Mix)
[ Sonic Spinball: Toxic Caves ]
10 – Dj Jo – Green Hill Step
[ Sonic the Hedgehog: Green Hill Zone ]
11 – Absrdst – Marble Aesthetics
[ Sonic The Hedgehog: Marble Zone ]
12 – Grimecraft – Escape From The City
[ Sonic Adventure 2: City Escape ]
13 – Tetracase – Unlimited Colors
[ Sonic Colors: Planet Wisp ]
14 – Toni Leys – Dat Egg Tho
[ Sonic & Knuckles: Death Egg Zone ]
15 – Mykah – Space Boss
[ Sonic 3: Final Boss ]
16 – Pixel8ter – Good Future Jam
[ Sonic CD: Collision Chaos ]

Grimecraft releases self-titled EP on Maltine Records

Grimecraft, best known for his Pokémon remix album POKÉP has just released a self-titled EP on Japanese record label Maltine Records. Grimecraft continues to push electronic music forward, bucking trends and creating a sound all his own. You can download the album direct from Maltine at this link, and stream all four tracks below.

Monday Mixes – 2014 Chiptune Recap Mixes

2014 was a great year for Chiptune music. Here’s two epic mixes spanning almost four hours of new chiptune music. First is by Gameboy legend Henry Homesweet with his Essential Chip Mix 2014.

Next is my This Week in Chiptune New Years Blowout mix! It’s nearly two hours of my favorite tracks and remixes I’ve played on TWiC:

MAGFest 13 Full Musical Lineup Announced

magfest-concerts2-tom-doughertyProtomen, Powerglove, Machinae Supremacy, Yuu Miyake and other huge names


The 13th annual Music And Gaming Festival is coming up January 23-26, 2015 at the Gaylord National Hotel in National Harbor, MD, and is host to its biggest performer lineup yet! Check out all the great musical acts that’ll be playing:

Musical Performer Guest of Honor: ( Saturday evening)
* Yuu Miyake – DJ, and composer of the Katamari Series

Featured Performers: (Friday and Saturday evenings)
* The Protomen – Performing two sets! 80’s covers Friday night, and Protomen originals Sunday night.
* Machinae Supremacy
* Powerglove
* Professor Shyguy
* Bit Brigade – Debuting a new game!
* Urizen
* Rare Candy
* Triforce Quartet
* The Megas
* Dethlehem
* Random AKA Mega Ran
* On Being Human
* Super Guitar Bros

Supporting Performers: (Sunday afternoon)
* Double Ferrari
* Do a Barrel Roll!
* Kirby’s Dream Band
* The Tiberian Sons
* Viking Guitar Live
* Super Soul Bros
* Descendants of Erdrick
* missingNO

DJ Performers: (Saturday night)
* Ben Briggs
* Kevin Villecco
* Sushi Killer

Chiptune Performers: (Saturday afternoon and Sunday evening)
* Virt
* Solarbear
* Roboctopus
* Cheap Dinosaurs
* For Astronauts and Satellites
* an0va feat. Rekcahdam
* Crashfaster
* Marshall Art
* Danimal Cannon


With that kind of lineup, how can you afford NOT to come to MAGFest? Get your tickets today at the MAGFest Website.

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