bLiNd - Nocturnalism

bLiNd – Nocturnalism: Video Game Remixer releases full-length original EDM album

bLiNd - NocturnalismbLiNd, the producer best known for his video game remixes with GameChops and Overclocked Remix has just released his debut original album. The album contains 12 tracks, some of which he has teased on his Soundcloud, page over the past two years. The opening track, Blackened, was included on a compilation released by deadmau5’s label Mau5trap in 2013.

The album comes as nothing less than we’d expect from the producer / engineer with over 15 years experience. Crystal clear house, trance and dance music with masterful sound design and a tempered aesthetic. Download it now on Bandcamp for $7 or pick up a physical copy for $10

Download bLiNd – Nocturnalism on Bandcamp

Beatscribe Releases Starship Rubicon OST

What started as a humble Kickstarter campaign to build a space shooter game instead of working all summer has blossomed into a massive project for Wick Studios. Now they’ve partnered with Cheerful Ghost and are about to release Starship Rubicon, a massive expansion to the original hit game that combines arcade-like space shooting with strategic and customization RPG elements.


Beatscribe has released the  new expanded soundtrack in conjunction with the release of Starship Rubicon. Featuring various retro sounds from the NES and Atari courtesy of plogue chip sounds, the album mixes classic sounds and melodies with modern beats and soundscapes. Also included are some awesome remixes from Inverse Phase and sleepytimejesse.

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GameChops Singles Dec 2014 - bLiNd Super Smash Bros and Ralfington Pokémon Omega Ruby / Alpha Sapphire

New Nintendo Remixes from GameChops (Pokémon / Smash)

GameChops has released two remixes of Nintendo big holiday releases. First, we’ve got bLiNd’s remix of the Super Smash Bros. Wii U / 3DS Main Theme. This an epic, hard-hitting dance remix that carries the spirit of competition and battle of the original tune from Nintendo’s hit fighting game. Stream it below, and download from Loudr, Amazon and Play.

Download bLiNd’s Smash Bros Main Theme Remix on Loudr

Next up is a a lighthearted chiptune house remix by  of the Littleroot Town Theme from Pokémon Omega Ruby / Alpha Sapphire by Ralfington. These games are a remake of the Gameboy Advance games Pokémon Ruby / Sapphire. Ralfington has used music production software available on the Nintendo 3DS to create this remix, including Rytmik Retrobits and Rythm Core Alpha 2.

Download Welcome Back to Hoenn on Loudr

For more video game remixes, check out GameChops on YouTube or visit

bLiNd - Final Fantasy Legend EP - GameChops

bLiNd – The Final Fantasy Legend EP

bLiNd, the composer and video game remixer best known for his breakout full-length video game remix album NESteryears, has finally released a new collection of remixes. The Final Fantasy Legend EP is dedicated to the music from Final Fantasy Legend / SaGa, originally composed by Nobuo Uematsu. The style of this three track EP vary between house, trance, and drum n bass. The mixes are crystal clear and polished, as we’ve come to expect from bLiNd and GameChops. Stream the EP below and download from Loudr.

The Final Fantasy Legend EP is now available for download on

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