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Trey Frey – Drift [Review]

Get ready to rip that E-Brake and counter steer into Trey Frey’s Chiptune Future Bass single, Drift.

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A new challenger: Pulseboy

Pulseboy, a web-based 8-bit sequencer created by Roger Hicks is now in Beta and so far the feedback has been good. PulseBoy uses a “tracker” interface to accept note input.

If you’ve ever wanted to play around with making your own chip-tunes this is a great place to start, and Roger’s tutorial below is a user friendly introduction to composing with Pulseboy.

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This charming chiptune

Sad sack musician Morrissey made much of the soundtrack of many a sullen teen, with chip-tune covers becoming increasingly popular more and more types of music are becoming fodder for 8-bit covers of their former selves.

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Paul Robertson’s Pixel Simpsons Opening

Pixel artist Paul Robertson has done it again, this time with art from the beloved cartoon The Simpsons. The re-imagined opening directed and animated by Paul Robertson and Ivan Dixon with a chiptune cover of the opening theme music by Jeremy Dower has gone viral, with warm receptions from pixel and cartoon aficionados alike.  Check it out below!

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