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Composer for Street Fighter X MegaMan A_Rival has just released his full-length album TRUTHCANNON. This ten track chiptune / electrohouse album is concentrated was EDM bangers.

Track after track hit hard with polished production and inventive sound design. Tracks like Phoenix and OMF speak more to A_Rival’s chiptune influence and experience with game music, while tracks like DEAD are gritty and vicious dance music, with haunting melodies and screaming synth-work.

Three remixes push the album to 13 tracks, including GameChops artist bLiNd and chiptune legend Trash80.

For only $5, TRUTHCANNON is definitely worth picking up.

2Mello – Chrono Jigga ( Jay-Z vs. Chrono Trigger Mashup Album )

Chrono Jigga Cover

2 Mello, producer and DJ from Lexington Kentucky has just released Chrono Jigga, a mixtape of Jay-Z and Yasunori Mitsuda’s Chrono Trigger soundtrack. And the Internet rejoiced. Catapulting to the top of reddit’s r/music and being feautred on media outlets such as Polygon, Vice and The Verge.

Promoted by Scrub Club Records, this mixtape definitely pushes other VideoGameDJs to hustle harder. Jay-Z’s acapellas were released for free back in 2011, and while Jay may or may not have heard this album yet, we think he would agree it’s dope. 2 Mello produced this album with Acid Pro and Ableton Live, using samples from Native Instrument’s Kontakt to pad the Chrono Trigger samples. 2 Mello has been producing and MCing for over ten years, so youngin’s take notice! Hard work and determination pay off.

Download the album for free from ChronoJigga.com

Cutman’s Lost Beats & Found Friends

Today is my birthday, and to celebrate I am releasing an album of brand new songs unlike anything I’ve released before. This is significant, not just because it’s my birthday, but because this is the first album I’m releasing without video game remixes or exclusive chiptunes. It’s a collection of six collaborations with other musicians I’ve encountered on my adventures as Dj CUTMAN, including Ben Briggs, Smiletron and Kevin Villecco.

The Dj CUTMAN project started as a video game beatmaking project with live DJ performances. It quickly grew to incorporate my love for original chiptune music. Since then I’ve had the honor of performing as Dj CUTMAN as prestigious events such as Penny Arcade Expo, MAGfest, and Nerdapalooza.

Lost Beats & Found Friends signifies an evolution of the project, so I am dropping the “Dj” from the name of this album and presenting it simply as “Cutman”. There are no video game remixes on the album, but if you listen close you’re sure to hear my influences. The tracks are varied in style and tempo, spanning hiphop to house, with my trademark crisp production style and vintage drum samples.

Lost Beats & Found Friends is currently being offered on music.DjCUTMAN.com with no minimum price to download. If you can’t afford to pay for a download, enter 0 to download for free. Be sure to share the link with friends who may enjoy it!

Download Lost Beats & Found Friends from Bandcamp.

Shag – Flyrule “A Terrible Fate”

1540549226-1Young beat-maker Shag released a sequel to his Zelda album Flyrule. This new album, “A Terrible Fate“, takes inspiration and samples from Majora’s Mask. Listen and download below.

Album available from Bandcamp at name-your-price.