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Computer Purple: Check Out Prince’s 1994 Video Game

Prince did an unbelievable amount of ground breaking work in his life, from his electric live shows, legendary eccentricities and record-breaking album sales to the cult classic Purple Rain and the only funny episode of The New Girl.
But did you know he also had a video game? It’s called Prince Interactive, it came out in 1994 and it is straight up magical. Mashable writer Adam Rosenberg decided to mourn our fallen hero by digging up this old-Internet relic and he’s released video clips of his journey into Prince’s digital lair.

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Tonight: The Protomen at World Cafe Live

Protomen’s current line up of Raul Panther III, Murphy Weller, Commander B. Hawkins Jr., Sir Dr. Robert Bakker, Shock Magnum, Gambler Kirkdouglas, Reanimator, K.I.L.R.O.Y. will play out their rock opera style tunes at the World Cafe Live in Philadelphia PA. Support acts include Bit Brigade and  Math the Band doors are at 7:00pm. You can buy tickets here.

Check out their song “This City Made Us” and listen to selections from Bit Brigade and Math the Band after the jump!

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The Best Star Fox Zero Promos

While Star Fox Zero, Nintendo’s highly anticipated sequel to Starfox 64 comes out tomorrow, and the Internet isn’t short with hype. Nintendo released a full 15 minute animated short to promote the new installment.

My label GameChops has produced a music video that’s briming with hype, combining visuals from Starfox 64 and Star Fox Zero with an original EDM tune inspired by the Starfox sound effects.

Intense game promo is nothing new, check out this (maybe official) Star Fox 64 promo video from 1997

MEGA RAN East Coast Mini Tour With Sadistik

Mega ran will be playing Kung Fu Neck Tie Tuesday April 12th, 2016 supporting Sadistik, with performances from Weerd Science, Early Adopted,  and Skrewtape. You can grab tickets here!

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