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New Zelda Remixes From dj-Jo Will Melt Your Triforce

November has passed, and for YouTube that means the end of Zelda Month. GameChops veteran and anime superstar dj-Jo was no exception to the celebration, releasing two new Zelda remixes that are utterly fantastic. I’ve gathered them here for your enjoyment:

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GameChops announced Smooth McGroove Remix Album

Slated for release on December 9th, Smooth McGroove Remixed is a remix album of songs by video game’s acapella king, Smooth McGroove. This trailer video features a remix of Sonic the Hegehog 2’s Chemcal Plant Zone. The track was produced by duo Hyper Potions, best known for their releases on Monstercat.

Max Gleason, better known as his stage name Smooth McGroove, is singer and video game music fan, who’s gained a massive following for his acapella versions of video game songs. Learn more on this post by Ben Briggs.

This charming chiptune

Sad sack musician Morrissey made much of the soundtrack of many a sullen teen, with chip-tune covers becoming increasingly popular more and more types of music are becoming fodder for 8-bit covers of their former selves.

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Too Many Chiptunes

The phenomenon of Too Many Cooks, the faux sitcom that circulated on Adult Swim is now a chiptune track. ¬†Catchy, and somewhat infuriating, clip¬†went viral for weeks after it’s release and Rush Coil has managed to make it an even bigger earworm.

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