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Twilight: NRMN’s tribute to Twilight Princess

Twilight is a groovy future bass remix of Nintendo’s grim Zelda game from 2006, Twilight Princess. NRMN’s Gamechops debut gives the soundtrack a fabulous overhaul with heavy future bass drops, EDM vocals, and beautiful sound design.

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Arcano MIDI NES Chiptune Synth II

Though it doesn’t use actual NES sounds, the Arcano II (‘the successor to the Arcano MIDI NES Chiptune Synthesizer, a project launched on Kickstarter in 2015’) emulates the sounds and effects of the NES with a microcontroller programmed to generate the same sounds and waveforms.
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Check out ‘Good Talk’ from (T-T)b!

(T-T)b (“tee-tee-bee” unofficially) has released their debut album this week entitled ‘Good Talk’. The chiptune trio from Boston, MA sites Anamanaguchi, Weezer, and Wavves among some of their influences, which are evident in tracks like ‘Slimers’.

Joey Dussault, his brother Nick and Jake Cardinal from Dinoczar recorded an EP ‘Pizza Planet‘ last year and release their debut through Play It Loud! You can get a sweet t-shirt bundle with an album or even a cassette version!


This album is long on charm and these dreamy, chirpy jams are perfect for your summer tunes, so crank it up and have a good time! Give ‘Good Talk’ a listen after the jump!
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Take a Break with the GamePad Song

It’s a beautiful spring day and you’re probably stuck inside at your job, when you wish you could be stuck inside playing video games. Or maybe that’s just us. Anyway, take a three minute musical break and travel through the history of iconic video game music courtesy of The KlingDing.

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